Waddle Lending Platform

A Complete Working Capital Solution

Help your business customers to thrive by giving them fast access to funds from their outstanding invoices.

Connects with accounting software for fast credit decisioning and streamlined portfolio management.

A fully white-labeled digital service

Your brand, your customers, our technology. Manage your entire portfolio through a single application. An end-to-end cash flow platform built to make life easier for lenders and their business customers.

Initial underwriting

Fully configurable module that can be tailored to your specific risk policy allowing you to target suitable customers.

Client-facing dashboard

An easy-to-use working capital platform that puts your customers' in control of their cash flow.

Admin portal

Efficiently track your prospects, monitor your portfolio and manage risk with an all-in-one CRM and operator dashboard, featuring a suite of built-in reports.

For lenders

Exceptional customer experience

A tried and tested, end-to-end solution with award-winning UI and an admin-light digital first journey.

Credit risk management

Cloud accounting sync drives single ledger account management allowing for instant credit decisioning and real-time risk management.

Streamlined operations

Manage up to 200 clients per account manager. Featuring multi-channel workflows, digital audits and live alerts.

For business customers

Fast, flexible invoice finance

They can choose who to borrow against, access funds only when they need to and pay only when they do.

Funding that grows with them

As they raise more invoices in their accounting software, their available funds increase in real-time.

Cash flow without the admin

Accounting software integration means they can save up to 15 hours per week to focus on running their business.

An end-to-end digital experience

With the Waddle Lending Platform, you can manage the entire customer journey from the very first touchpoint through to the ongoing day-to-day management of the entire client portfolio.


Our sign-up application comes with a built-in eligibility checker to ensure that your prospects are prequalified before they arrive on the platform. Includes web analytics and custom CRM integration.


A fully digital experience means that your customers can get the funds they need fast. Integrates with cloud accounting platforms and other data sources for initial underwriting, live credit decisioning and quick approvals.

In-life management

The self-service client dashboard means your customers have control of their own cash flow, whilst an internal admin portal allows you to efficiently manage the entire portfolio in a streamlined way thanks to a custom risk profiling system with live alerts.

Easy lending for banks and businesses

Waddle's lending platform is a tried and tested working capital solution that makes life easier for lenders and business owners alike. Featuring an easy-to-use self service client dashboard; as well as an all-in-one admin portal designed for streamlined portfolio management.

Built for modern accounting software

The Waddle Lending Platform connects with all of these packages; accessing and posting accounting data in real-time. In addition, it features a manual upload function and works with any other online accounting system your clients are using.