Learn about the Waddle Lending Platform

The Waddle Lending Platform is an end-to-end digital experience designed for forward thinking financial services providers who want to offer their business customers a modern, streamlined cash flow solution.

Introducing the Waddle Lending Platform

Waddle is an end-to-end digital experience designed for forward thinking financial services providers who want to offer their business customers a modern and streamlined cash flow solution.

Digital eligibility checker and getting an offer

The Waddle Lending Platform makes sign-up quick and easy by removing many of the manual processes, forms and documents required with a traditional lending application.

Exploring the Lending Platform dashboard

With the client dashboard, your customers are in control of their own cash flow. They can nominate debtors for funding and draw on funds as and when they need them.

Understanding available balance & facility limit

The Waddle Lending Platform stays in sync with a customer’s accounting package. As new invoices and credit notes are raised, a customer's available balance is adjusted in real-time.

Bookkeeping with the Waddle Lending Platform

Not only does the lending platform retrieve accounting data, it also passes customer payment information back, simplifying bookkeeping for the client and saving them valuable time.

Introducing the Waddle Admin Portal

The Waddle admin portal performs many functions in the client life cycle from acquisition and onboarding to initial underwriting and credit assessment through to in-life management.

The sales process: from connection to prospect

Following connection, an operator needs to determine the suitability of the applicant for funding. The admin portal offers tools enabling them to quickly make a decision on whether to continue the application.

The sales process: prospect to credit assessment

The process of requesting and sending documents is made easy by the lending platform. Saving time for both the lender and applicant all documents are requested in the files tab.

The sales process: the take-on audit

The take-on audit is a single artefact which aggregates all the information required for a credit assessor to formally review and approve or disapprove an application for finance.

The sales process: credit approval to settlement

Following approval an operator will complete a take-on checklist, a 23 point document and all points must be satisfied prior to the release of funds.

Getting started with the set-up wizard

Once an applicant has been approved by credit and completed their account set-up, a simple wizard walks them through the things they need to do in order to draw down on funds.

Risk profiling & live alerts: Part 1

The in-life management tools, which include risk profiling and live alerts means that a portfolio of 200 clients can be managed with a single account manager, compared to a traditional ratio of 1 to 20.

Risk profiling & live alerts: Part 2

The platform includes a suite of live alerts, designed to notify operators of certain activities, streamlining operations and meaning that the risk of fraud is greatly reduced.